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Indicative tool for compensating nature damage


The Bioval project was set up to develop and disseminate an indicative tool to value damage to nature in court. Bioval focuses not on sanctioning, but on financial compensation of damage to nature when restoration 'in natura' is not possible. BIOVAL is based upon the principles of environmental liability and 'the polluter pays'.

BIOVAL contributes to reaching the goals of the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2020-2030 of improving enforcement and restoring nature.

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Calculation Method

Bioval is meant to help legal professionals assess damage to nature, contributing to better compensation and faster, more effective and predictable adjudication. Bioval offers a calculation method and indicative list for the financial compensation of damage to nature, based on objective, scientifically sound criteria which result in an acceptable amount.

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Case Law

Bioval offers a database of cases in which the indicative list was applied. The first case in which Bioval was referred to concerned illegal catching of Starlings.

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